Color and Material Combos to Match Kitchen Countertops

The best way to get the kitchen you want is to do a complete kitchen remodel. That is not always possible, however. A kitchen remodel is a significant investment in time and money, and a source of major inconvenience.

Having a non-functional kitchen for a day is a big problem. Imagine having it non-functional for many weeks, which is how long a typical remodel can take. Fortunately, it is not always necessary to do a complete remodel if you simply want to upgrade the kitchen. You can simply replace your kitchen countertops with a high-end material, and this can make a huge difference.

Granite countertops or quartz countertops are particularly desirable, as they increase the value of your home and the function of your kitchen by their mean presence. Of course, if you have an existing kitchen, you will need to choose kitchen countertops that will work well with existing colors and materials in the kitchen. Here are some color and material combos that will help with that.

Dark cabinets go well with light countertops

kitchen with light colored granite counters and dark cabinets
Complementary colors usually go together, especially if it is a light-dark combination. If your existing kitchen cabinets are dark, you can choose light-colored stones for kitchen cabinets for dramatic effect. The contrast will also give your kitchen additional depth and warmth, especially if you choose beige or yellowish granite countertops with some dark veins or speckles.

Engineered quartz countertops are also a good choice, as you can choose almost any type of color and pattern that will go best with your dark cabinets. Quartz countertops are manmade, so you will not have to worry about availability of a particular color, or matching two or more slabs for a seamless look. A good choice would be ivory or cream-colored quartz countertops.

Glossy light-colored cabinets need white marble countertops

kitchen with white marble counters and glossy white cabinets
If you have 100% glossy cabinets with a light color, your best bet is to choose white marble countertops. A glossy finish has high reflective properties, which is a good way to make a small or dark kitchen look larger and brighter. However, this reflective property also tends to change the color of the cabinet as it picks up strong colors in the immediate area. For example, if you have a red countertop, the gloss of your light-colored cabinets will pick it up, giving your cabinets a pinkish hue.

The best way to avoid this is to choose white marble countertops with a honed finish. Reflecting the white countertops will make your cabinets look even lighter and brighter. White marble is also not a stark white. So, the delicate patina can help make your kitchen seem less aseptic and more welcoming.

If marble is not your cup of tea, you can choose white granite or quartz countertops instead. White granite naturally includes some veins and speckles that give it some dimension, and some white quartz stones mimic these features.

Butcher blocks and granite countertops

butcher block island with granite perimeter countertops
Mixed materials for countertops are currently trending in kitchens for 2019. If you have a rustic or country style kitchen that features a butcher block, you can comfortably put it together with new granite countertops and still maintain the rustic or country theme. The “softness” of butcher-block wood contrasts favorably with the rock-hard look of granite. The fact they are both highly functional and easy to maintain is a bonus.
The only thing you need to decide is the color for the granite countertops. Generally, you want a light-dark combination for your butcher block and granite countertops. If you have a dark wood species for your butcher block, choose light-colored granite, and vice versa. You are most likely to also have wood cabinets and floors if you have a rustic or country style kitchen, in which case you need to choose granite colors that will strike balance for all this wood material. If the wood colors vary widely, choose a neutral color for granite countertops.

A matter of light

dark colored granite countertops in white kitchen
Sometimes, the light that comes into a kitchen is a major consideration when choosing the color of your kitchen countertops. You can usually find granite or quartz countertops to match any kitchen, so availability is not an issue. What is an issue is how well it increase the appeal of the kitchen?

A well-lighted kitchen is always attractive, but it is not always possible. A small kitchen tucked into the corner of a small house is not likely to have enough windows to let in natural light. A good way around this is to choose granite that will bring in the light. White is the most obvious choice. But you can also choose a sunny yellow or other bright, happy color to make the kitchen look lighter. You might also want to consider installing under cabinet lighting to maximize the reflective quality of light-colored kitchen countertops, especially in deep corners.
On the other hand, a too-bright kitchen might be too much of a good thing. Strike a balance by choosing dark granite countertops. Dark granite often has streaks and crystals of lighter minerals that sparkle like jewels when the light hits them just right.


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