The Impact of Edge Profiles on Granite Countertops

One of the things you have to decide on when contracting a specialist for your eased edge granite countertop is the counter edge profiles. Up to that point, you may not even have been aware that there are different kinds of countertop edge profiles, and that it matters to the way your kitchen countertops look and function.

However, it does matter, and it needs considerable skill on the part of the fabricator to put it on natural stones. Below is a brief description of the basic edge profiles and their impact on granite countertops. This will help you choose the best one for your own kitchen. There are several countertop edge types are available with the latest countertop edge styles. For instance, square edge, mitered edge, beveled edge and Bullnose edge.

The use of granite transforms homes, bringing a luxurious touch of style and class to any design or space. It is the perfect material to be used in creating stone walls and stone floors for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas of your home. There are many ways that you can incorporate this stone into your kitchen. By using a granite transformation, you will not only be able to use this material as a flooring material, but also transform your kitchen into a stylish, unique place.

The granite transformations cost depends upon granite usage proportion. The Granite countertop edges are most popular, stylish, custom, unique edge option you certainly don’t find very often.

If you are about to put a countertop on your kitchen then you need to know the pros and the cons of having a saw to cut your countertop. Since countertop edges, pros and cons go, however, edges are more of both everything mixed together than a nice neat straight edge.  

There are various granite edges available. But then, this gives you an even more exciting experience than the flat cut of a saw. The granite stone is strong that’s why granite countertop thickness is reliable. You can find granite edge options for countertops.

saws can be used on practically any type of surface. It can cut wood, metal, ceramic or laminate. They will also cut tiles, stone, bricks and a whole lot of other materials. What sets saws apart from the flat edge ones is the curvature of their cutting edges. This gives the user more control when cutting edge countertops, different materials because the curve allows for more control in the direction the piece goes when the saw cuts it. So, there can be the countertop edges pros and cons and you must know about it.


Square edge

kitchen countertops with a square edge

granite square edge profiles are the most common treatment for granite countertops, primarily because it is the simplest to make, and therefore the least expensive. It is also the most versatile edge treatment you can choose, its clean and sleek lines appropriate for any kitchen style. The eased edge quartz countertops have unique look.

Interestingly enough, a square eased edge looks straight and sharp, but it actually is not. During fabrication, artisans cut tiny grooves or kerfs along the granite countertop edges most popular. These grooves soften the edges to make it more resistant to chipping and breaking. This softening technique also helps protect you and small children from injury, as razor-sharp edges can result in some nasty cuts.

The square edge treatment comes in several variations. The eased edge granite is one of them, where the top edge of the cut is a bit rounder than the standard square edge. Another option is the waterfall edge, which is actually two slabs of granite seamlessly joined at the edges at a 90-degree angle to provide a continuous eased edge granite to the floor. The double eased edge of granite makes the countertop attractive and shining.

You want a square edge profile if you have a particularly busy or dramatic granite countertop edge, or you have other attention-grabbing features in the kitchen. Having too many interesting things to look at in the kitchen is not a good thing, so a simple and clean edge can guide your eye quietly to the divas.

The eased edge countertop has a unique and attractive look. Some people prefer this appearance because it gives off an aged antique look. The eased edge granite countertop is most popular than another type of countertops. This look is particularly popular in country homes since the country-inspired decor of such homes lends well to eased countertop edge. It also comes in a variety of beautiful colors, including the traditional reds and greens, along with earthy browns. The countertop eased edge is the popular design of the edge in granite countertops. In addition, eased counter edge makes the whole countertops organize.

The surface may be textured, but its smoothness is what really matters. Eased edge countertops can be purchased in different materials. The most common material used for these countertops is stainless steel. There are also many other materials available, including granite and stone, that can be used. Each counter is made to order according to the customer’s specifications. 

The eased edge granite profile allows for a wider selection of colors, designs, and finishes. The more durable the material used, the longer the life expectancy of the finished stone. The improved quality of the finished stone makes it the ideal choice for commercial use, as well as for home interiors. The granite profile is much harder and stronger than the standard profile, which allows for a more stable footing. As the profile is not as flat, the finished surface is usually slightly concave in shape, providing more uniformity.

Usage of Square edge:

The Square granite edge of granite countertops can add a nice accent to a kitchen. It can also add an elegant touch to your kitchen or bathroom. They are often used to give your kitchen a classy and elegant look. You can use them as an accent for the dining room, living room, or bedroom.

The square edge of granite countertops can be made into a decorative tabletop by adding some crystal in the form of glasses. This will add a classy touch to the table that is created from the material. The square edges will provide you with an easy way to create a lovely countertop that can match any type of decor. There are some other interesting things that you can do with this type of countertop that you will love. Some of these ideas include using it as a centrepiece on the wall or even for the floor.

When using the Square edge of granite countertops, there are some things that you should keep in mind. One thing to keep in mind is that it is very easy to scratch the stone. This is why you need to be careful not to let your children play around it while you are working with it. There are also some people who believe that this kind of granite countertop is great for use in the bathroom. You can use it to give your bathroom a very elegant and nice appearance.

Mitered edge

kitchen countertops with a mitered edge

mitered edge is technically not an edge at all but a cheat. Granite slabs are more affordable right now, but they are still expensive. The standard thickness of mitered edge countertop of granite is 3 cm, which is about 1-3/16 inch. Aside from being more expensive, thicker slabs will be much heavier. This is why granite suppliers do not cut them any thicker unless it is a special order.

If the 3 cm thickness is not doing it for you, there is a workaround: The mitered edge is the edge treatment gives the illusion of a much thicker slab without the cost and problems associated with it. The mitered edge is the countertop and a separate piece of granite, each with a 45-degree cut at the corners.

This allows for a seamless joint that, when done correctly, will look like a square edge of a thick slab. You can choose how thick you want your countertop to appear, although a 2¼-inch mitered edge quartz is common. You can also specify an eased ad mitered edge if you want a rounder look. The mitered edge countertop cost depends upon the size of the countertops.

What you need to realize about a quartz mitered edge for natural stones is that it is very difficult to do. While it may look like a simple square granite edge, joining two pieces of granite or other natural stone together without showing a seam requires the careful eye and skill experience of an expert fabricator. Aside from having to ensure the cut is so precise that the edges will meet exactly, the fabricator has to contrive coloration and pattern continuity at the joint to complete the illusion. Since granite is notorious for its unpredictability, this is no easy task.

Granite is very common and you will often see granite edge in the homes of celebrities. The beauty and design of granite are what makes granite so popular and so valuable. When you have a mitered edge of granite countertops in your home, you will not only enjoy the beauty of your quartz mitered edge countertops, but you will be able to enjoy the durability that granite has to offer. This will allow you to live with your granite countertops for a long time and use them for many different types of activities. You will find that having a granite and quartz mitered edge will help to maintain the value of your countertops as well.

Usage of mitered edge:

Mitered edge granite is most commonly used in bathrooms for its unique design and elegant elegance. Mitered edges can be used to make a seamless transition from an over-sized bathroom countertop slab into a beautiful waterfall panel extending down to the bathroom floor. The beauty of this type of granite is the natural beauty of the smoothness and the natural appearance of the edges of the countertops.

Beveled edge

kitchen countertops with a beveled edge

The beveled edge granite treatment, or chamfered edge, actually came about as a way to prove that the granite is real, and not just a surface treatment. The angled cut at the top edge of the slab displays a cross-section of the grain of the stone. Back in the day, granite was so expensive that only the rich could afford them, so they wanted to make sure everybody else knew it was real. The beveled granite countertops are a useful choice for kitchen appearance.

Nowadays, engineered stones also use this edge profile, so it no longer serves the same function as before. Nevertheless, it is still a popular treatment for traditional kitchens because it has a subtly elegant and refined appearance. The beveled quartz countertop has an attractive appearance in the kitchen.

As with most beveled edge countertop treatments, there are variations to the theme. The standard single bevel has a 45-degree top cut and flat face; the extreme bevel cut is steeper and longer at 1 inch. There is also the inverted extreme bevel, where the cut is at the bottom edge, but that is not very popular. The beveled edge quartz countertop would be a good choice for the kitchen.
There is also the ¼-inch and ½-inch bevel, which is still at a 45-degree angle; the variation refers to the length of the cut. Another variation is the double bevel, where there is a cut at the top and bottom beveled granite edge. You can also choose to combine this edge with other edge treatments for a more complex profile.

Usage of beveled edge:

If you are considering investing in a new granite countertop, you might want to consider adding beveled granite countertops to the mix. While these countertops have their own advantages over flat granite, there are several other things you should know about beveled edge on granite before deciding on whether or not it’s the right choice for your kitchen countertop. 

Using a high-end beveled edge marble in your kitchen, your home will surely gain a more sophisticated appeal. beveled edge marble adds a certain elegance to your kitchen’s design and creates a dramatic contrast between the deep-coloured stone and its flat surface.

Bullnose edge

granite countertops with a bullnose edge

A bullnose edge granite is a round and soft treatment popular in any type of kitchen, but especially homes with your children. The granite bullnose countertops are the best choice for the kitchen. It is the safest edge profile for them as there are no sharp edges at all. The bullnose is also a good way to show off the robust nature of granite bullnose countertops. Because it is so versatile, you are likely to find it in traditional as well as modern kitchens countertop edge. The bullnose countertop edge would be the best choice for the kitchen.

Variations of the bullnose edge include the half bullnose edge and the half-bullnose. While these may sound like the same thing, they are not exactly the same when it comes to bullnose edge granite treatments. Both have angled bottom edges while retaining the rounded top edge. The difference is the half bullnose granite edge does not have the same sharpness at the bottom as the demi granite bullnose.

Waterfall edge granite

A waterfall edge granite countertop can transform an ordinary, boring, bland countertop into a one-of-a-kind piece. It can also provide the best value for your money. For starters, a waterfall edge granite countertop can be created from a variety of stone materials, including, black opal, black tourmaline, bezel granite, and the classic opal. The black opal is considered to be the finest black natural stone available in the world. The black tourmaline stone is known as one of the most versatile natural stones used for granite waterfall edge countertops. The bezel granite is another popular granite used as an edge or backsplash in countertops. And finally, the classic opal, if properly installed, can look incredible.

Granite waterfall edge is a stunning Vancouver Fraser Valley stone artisan. Black opal, bezel granite, and chalcedony are all types of stone available. Champion stone designs specialize in the creation of waterfall edge profile and quartz countertops. Eased bevelling edge, double bevel, and champion double edge, waterfall granite is one of the most common countertops.

Installing a waterfall edge on granite is simple. If you want a waterfall edge on granite, the steps are easy. First, find a location with the highest level of elevation. Next, make sure the area has been drained completely, and that no obstructions exist to impede drainage. Next, level the surface of the countertop, using a measuring tape. Then, mark the location where you want the waterfall edge, making sure you mark the centre. Be sure to measure the exact spot where you want the waterfall edge on granite countertops to be.


Many more edge profiles are available for granite countertops, such as the concave, cove, ogee, offset, and Dupont. However, these are premium treatments, and likely to cost you a pretty penny. The basic ones described above are the most likely to be included in granite countertop packages.
Of course, you can choose more complex edge profiles if you want. However, you have to make sure you engage the services of a reputable countertop company with skilled people to do it properly. Silver Marble Granite has the best reputation in the areas of Washington D.C., Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax, Chantilly, Herndon, Centreville, among others.

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what is a mitered edge?

A mitered cut is defined by the angle that the saw blade makes with the granite while cutting. In other words, it is where the blade of the saw cuts straight down the countertops. If you have seen people using a mitered edge, then you have probably thought to yourself that they are using a very sharp saw blade. There is nothing wrong with getting a good saw blade, and you should definitely not worry about getting one if you want to get the best possible cut with your saw.

How to polish granite edges?

The very question of “how to polish granite edges?” is probably one of the most frequent questions I am asked by my clients. If you have recently installed a new granite countertop in your kitchen or bathroom and want to be able to properly maintain your countertop.

When you decide to install a granite countertop into your kitchen or bathroom, it should not only be used as a work surface but as an attractive piece of decor. However, not all countertops will look the same when they are polished. You can find various techniques that will allow you to achieve the same end result, but each technique will differ slightly.