Reasons to Consider Marble Countertops for Your Kitchen

Marble countertops are undoubtedly beautiful, and make any kitchen elegant. People associate marble with fine living, because there was a time when marble was so expensive that only the privileged could afford it in their homes. That is no longer the case today, of course, but the idea persists, which is why marble countertops are a desirable addition to any home.

Marble is still relatively expensive compared to other materials for kitchen countertops, but not so much that most people cannot afford it. However, some people avoid it for their kitchen countertops because they think it requires too much care and maintenance. They choose quartz stone or granite instead because they are more durable.

It is true that marble scratches more easily than either granite or quartz stone, and reacts quickly to even weak acids by etching. Despite these drawbacks, there are very good reasons to consider marble countertops for your kitchen anyway.

Unmatched beauty

close of marble slab
Marble is beautiful. That might not sound like much of a point because granite is also beautiful if you prefer natural stones, and so is quartz stone if you are into engineered stone. However, nothing can compare with how marble looks and feels.

Marble has an elusive and subtle luster that even the best endeavors of quartz stone makers cannot duplicate. It has a depth that belongs only to natural stones. Some marble stones even have a translucence that makes the delicate veins and streaks seem to float.
Granite is also a beautiful natural stone with that elusive depth, but the colors and patterns are bolder and stronger. Marble has a subdued elegance and seeming fragility despite being quite durable (more on that later).


marble statue
Marble is a relatively soft stone, compared to granite at any rate. It is easy to carve, which is why sculptors like to use it. It also weathers well, which is why it is popular for anything that has to stay outdoors. In other words, marble is resilient.
The resilience of marble is due to its formation. Marble is a metamorphic rock, which means it started out as another type of stone, which broke down and reformed under great pressure and heat. This makes the stone very dense, and therefore very durable. Since it formed under such extreme conditions, you can expect that marble would be able to withstand quite a bit of use.

For most marble types, the protolith, or the original rock, was white limestone, which is why the most common color of marble is white. Limestone is calcium carbonate, which is the reason why it reacts strongly to acids.

However, marble is not pure limestone. It includes some impurities, which accounts for the veins and streaks characteristic of marble. In some instances, the marble takes on the color of these impurities. This is the case with Nero Marquina, which is true black marble.
Proof of its resilience is in history. Many of the sculptures and artifacts from many centuries back are marble, and they have survived to this day. The Parian marble statue of Hermes of Praxiteles, for example, dates back to 330 BC, and still looks fantastic today. The centuries have deepened the delicate patina of the marble, giving it a glow.

When it comes to kitchen countertops, however, the enemy is not the sun, wind, and rain. You need to contend with liquids and sharp implements commonly found in the kitchen. You can protect it from the former by using an impregnating sealer and wiping up spills as they occur. Also you can do the same for the latter by using common sense. Use a chopping board to avoid scratching the surface and keep sharp implements away.

Food safety

A great feature of marble is it appears to be naturally bacteriostatic. Studies show that marble (and granite, by the way) does not harbor bacteria. Cleaning the surface with mild dish soap, water, and a soft cloth is enough to keep it food safe, without having to resort to special cleaners or disinfectants.


As mentioned earlier, most people can afford marble countertops. Quartz stone is actually more expensive than marble, and some granite varieties are as well. When it comes to return on investment, however, marble considerably outstrips quartz. This is partly because of the persistent belief in the exclusivity of marble, partly because it ages well, but mostly because people love the way it looks. Overall, the cost of marble countertops is less than the value it adds to the home, so it is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops.


You may need to be a bit more on your toes when you have marble countertops in your kitchen. However, it is well worth the trouble for the reasons stated above. If you are willing to give in to your love for elegance and beauty, make sure you get your marble countertops from a reliable countertop specialist in your area.

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