Important Facts about Popular Materials for Bathroom Countertops

Bathrooms are just as important as kitchens in any home, even if no one ever waxes lyrical about it being the “heart” of the home. You must give it as much attention to it as any room in the home, and maybe more since a nice bathroom can increase the value of any home.

Any money you put in to upgrading the bathroom will come back to you if you decide to sell. It is therefore important you choose the right materials for your upgrade, particularly for your bathroom countertops. Fortunately, you can get a little creative with countertops for bathroom vanities. They need not be as tough as kitchen countertops, and in general, you need smaller slabs.

Stone slabs typically measure 130 x 70 inches, and most vanity tops only need about 20% of that. That means you can choose the most expensive slab without worrying too much about the cost.

Here are some important facts about popular materials for bathroom countertops. They should help you make the right choices for your bathroom upgrade.

Natural stones

granite slab display

Natural stones are always popular for any room in the home, but especially for making any bathroom look elegant and luxurious. Granite and marble are the top choices in this category, and there are excellent reasons for that.

Marble and granite are tough materials that age well, and they will last for a lifetime. Both stones handle water and heat well, which is good in a humid environment like the bathroom. Marble might look a tad more elegant than granite, which might be enough to convince some homeowners to choose it, especially for traditional bathroom styles. 

However, granite is probably a better choice than marble overall because it does not scratch or etch like marble.  Granite is also available in a much wider variety of colors and patterns than you will typically find with marble. This is particularly important if you have a modern bathroom, as finding the colors to hit just the right note can be difficult.

A possible downside to marble and granite for bathroom vanity tops is the cost. While it is certainly not the most expensive material, it can get a bit pricey if you choose one of the exotic slabs. You can pay anywhere per square foot between $45 and $200, installed, but since you only need a little bit, it does not matter so much. 

Natural stones also have some level of porosity, so staining might be an issue. This is particularly true for marble. However, sealing it right after installation takes care of that problem.

Quartz stone

bathroom with quartz stone vanity

Quartz stone is more popular than natural stones for countertops in the home, including bathroom vanities. Quartz stone is one type of engineered stone, manmade products that uses a patented process for solid surfaces.

Quartz countertops contain at least 90% natural quartz, a very durable and scratch-resistant mineral. Quartz is what gives granite its durability. However, granite only contains 60% quartz at most, so quartz stone tends to be more durable than granite. Among the best quartz stone brands are Cambria, MSI, Silestone, and DuPont Korian.

Quartz stone is also non-porous, so staining is not a problem. You will never have to seal it, so maintenance is also a breeze. It is much easier to match, as the slabs are always consistent, unlike natural stones, which tend to have unpredictable variations. If you like unusual elements in your bathroom countertops, some quartz stone manufactures incorporate recycled materials, seashells, and even gemstones in their products.

The thing is, quartz stone tends to be more expensive than natural stones, and they are not heat resistant. The price range per square foot is between $60 and $100. Again, you only need a bit of it, and heat resistance is not a big issue in bathrooms. Just make sure the quartz stone is not in direct exposure to sunlight, as it tends to fade under those conditions. You also must keep anything hot like a blow dryer away from the surface to avoid heat damage.

Solid surface

bathroom with solid surface vanity

Solid surfaces are also engineered stones, and the most popular brand is Corian. The mix includes acrylic resin and coloring agents, and most mimic the look of granite. Solid surface countertops come in many colors and designs, mostly along the contemporary style. 

Solid surfaces are durable and stain resistant, and mold growth is not a problem. Solid surface slabs are also easier to cut than granite and quartz stone. You can cut it using an ordinary circular saw, so you can DIY the installation, which means some savings.  You can even repair any minor damage yourself. In terms of cost, expect to pay between $40 and $100 per square foot for solid surface slabs.

Among the issues with solid surface slabs is the do tend to be quite heavy, and somewhat brittle. Drop something heavy on it and it might crack. While it is heat resistant in general, it would be a good idea to keep anything hot away from it.


All these different materials for countertops are excellent options for most bathrooms. Your personal sense of style will probably dictate the one you choose. However, most people tend to choose natural stones and quartz stone because they are more attractive than solid surface countertops.

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