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Whether you want to take advantage of an extraordinary view, revitalize a kitchen or a bathroom, bring in more sunlight, or add a floor or a large addition, a remodel can transform your living space from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Silver Marble & Granite provides a wide spectrum of services, from A to Z, from small cosmetic renovations, to large remodeling and construction projects. Our company employs hard-to-find mural painters, faux finishers, noise-control experts, and design & decor specialists. There is no need to hire different contractors for your remodeling project – we do it all. Our quality results speak volumes. We always have current projects to invite you to so you can see our quality work for yourself. Please do not hesitate to ask us about your project.

Silver Marble & Granite works with interior designers, contractors, architects or directly with homeowners to create custom residential and kitchen designs that are truly out of the ordinary. Our services include design, drafting, materials, specifications and project supervision.

Why Silver Marble & Granite?

By working with Silver Marble & Granite, you only have to manage one relationship throughout your entire home remodeling process. This not only ensures good communication, it also clarifies accountability, and also minimizes unforeseen problems down the road. Altogether linking design and construction saves you time and money, and makes the process more manageable.

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