How Much Do Concrete Kitchen Countertops Cost in 2021?

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Choosing the material for your concrete kitchen countertops can be hard with so many options available. Getting the opinion of other homeowners are of little help, as they give such wildly varying advice that you end up more confused as ever. Trends can usually point you in a general direction of a good choice, and you will find that most of them indicate quartz or granite as the best choices. Occasionally, however, trends can lead you down a path that you will regret following. One of these is concrete countertops. 

You might think that concrete countertops would look like the stuff used for paving driveways and roads, but it does not look like that at all. It looks like solid rock, and they come in a wide variety of colors. Some may even look like granite, and some of them are quite exceptionally beautiful. You might find some designs that include tiles, glass, seashells, wood, and even semi-precious gems. Concrete kitchen countertops are highly customizable, so you can ask the designer to make it look like anything you want. 

Concrete countertops are durable, although not compared to granite countertops. They are also heat resistant. However, it is not all rainbows and roses. Concrete countertops have some serious issues that should give you pause. Here are some grim facts about concrete kitchen countertops.

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DIY concrete countertops

There are many ways to build your concrete countertops. You can use premade forms or the more time-consuming process of making them yourself with wood boards that will set you back about $20 per sq ft depending on what material(s) you choose for form construction and finishing, but it’s worth every penny when considering all those conveniences like not needing any special tools.

With a few simple tools, you can build your concrete countertop. The price of the materials should be more than enough to get started, and there are plenty available on Amazon or at local hardware stores for cheap.

The best part? They’re quick, too; within two hours, most people will have their new kitchen sink installed in place while they enjoy dinner cooked by themselves- no need to call any fancy contractors this time around (unless that was what initially sparked interest).

DIY cost of concrete countertops

$500 – $1000 to Do-It-Yourself, concrete countertop cost, is 25 – 30 square feet complete. Doubtlessly you can Do-It-Yourself a concrete countertop and set aside a ton of cash. Realize it is a great deal of work. Also, there are some remarkable abilities required that include realizing how to function with concrete. 

So, that will either represent the deciding moment to the extent of your ultimate result. So, if you do the examination and are helpful with framing, working with power instruments, and pouring concrete, you can save many dollars doing your concrete counters. 

Mid cost Options

From the mid-$100s to around $135 per square foot is an excellent range for those looking to add options such as stains, textures, and additional polishes. If you want your flooring to be more glossy with some color added in, this choice will suit you!

Stains are an incredible way to add color and structure at the same time. They’re applied right after you pour your concrete mix, so they’ll be there when it’s already hard enough for walking on! Some people even do a combination of staining with other techniques like painting or dyeing – whatever suits them best.

  • Texturing aggregates 
  • Counter edges and customizes or decorative shapes 
  • Finishes and increase color options 

The variety of finishes for concrete kitchen countertops is as wide and diverse as the multitude behind them. Textured surfaces add grip when cooking with children while also giving your kitchen design an extra touch that can’t be found in other materials such as wood or metal; this creates a modern look we’re sure you’ll love.

High cost options

The prices of these countertop options have been steadily increasing over the last few years, with an average price tag that ranges between $135 and 140 dollars per square foot. This is due to their wide variety–unique edge designs, for instance, can cost more than twice as much or less depending on what you want it applied to; multi-color variations are also available in some cases, making them perfect.

Coloring your concrete might not seem like a big deal, but it’s more expensive than staining. The price per square foot will depend on which color you choose and how much is needed for that particular shade – costs average around 5-10 dollars in most cases! You can also get pigment mixed into the mixture or apply topical paint after pouring once already set with some additives (and nobody knows why they do this).

Coloring and staining are both fun options, but they can be more complicated than you think. A multi-colored option might cost $20 or more per sq ft based on what kind of look you’re going for! The intricate designs will likely need an even higher price tag since there’s the time involved too.

The high-end price point will be whatever you want it to be. I’ve seen some elaborate concrete countertops built, and none have ever cost more than $200 per sq ft, so that may offer the ceiling for what you’re willing/able, but if not, then just about anything can happen!

The Average DIY Material Cost Of 25 Ft Square

Cost comparison of concrete and other countertops


Cost per square foot


$60 – $130 per sq ft 


$19 – $49 per sq ft


$21 – $69 per sq ft


$49 – $89 per sq ft


$71 – $150 per sq ft


$79 – $139 per sq ft


$109 – $240 per sq ft

The above cost correlations are average costs to introduce different sorts of countertops with the typical expenses taken from several other sites on the web.

Average Installation Cost

Comparison with other materials:

Unless you want anything special, the price of concrete countertops is usually in the middle of the spectrum of countertop possibilities. Concrete is often more expensive than tile, synthetic solids, or laminate but less expensive than quartz or granite counters and less expensive than marble.


Cost per square foot














The Cost of Concrete Kitchen Countertops Is Prohibitive

Since they are made of readily available and common building material, you might think that concrete countertops are cheap. The fact is they cost much more than granite countertops. By comparison, granite countertops cost between $40 and $60 per square foot, installed. Concrete countertops cost upwards of $65 per square foot for the simplest designs and can go up to three times that much for complex designs.

The main factor affecting the cost of concrete countertops is labor. Producing a concrete countertop can take many weeks, as it takes concrete about a month to cure enough to install properly. The curing time applies whether it is a pre-cast or onsite poured product.

Additionally, it takes considerable skill and experience to mix concrete the right way, and to do all the design processes such as colorizing, texturing, and embedding. The creator of what is practically an art piece does not work for cheap.

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Porosity Is A Big Issue

Step aside to your concrete driveway as rain starts to fall, and you might notice how the concrete darkens as the water hits it. This is because concrete is very porous and absorbs water quite quickly. Concrete countertops cost are the same, which is bad news for kitchen owners.

Concrete is much more porous than granite, and even marble, and stains quickly with any liquid. Worse, once it sets in, it is almost impossible to get it out. These stains are also very noticeable in most concrete countertops, unless the design is very intricate, so you end up with splotchy, unattractive concreate kitchen countertops. However, the most concerning thing about this porosity is that it could encourage bacterial growth, which is a problem for a room where you prepare and serve food.

Maintenance Is A Chore

Concrete countertops require some maintenance to keep it in good condition. Because of its porosity, you need to seal it quite regularly, probably more often than you would need to do for marble, and more than for granite. Some people state that resealing annually is a great idea, but this depends on how you use your concrete kitchen countertops. You will also have to avoid anything too strong or abrasive when cleaning them, as this might hasten the deterioration of the seal.

Concrete countertops cost also require a monthly application of wax to keep it looking smooth and nice. You can skip it if you like but be ready to come home to less-than-pristine concrete kitchen countertop.

Hairline Cracks Frequently Appear

You might have noticed that concrete pavements show cracks along stress areas, but they probably do not cause you any sleepless nights. This is a result of the concrete settling as it cures. However, if you see them in your concrete countertops, it is another matter.

Since the concrete used in pavements and countertops are essentially the same, you can expect hairline cracks to appear in your concrete kitchen countertops. This is particularly a tendency for onsite poured countertops, although it could still happen with precast countertops.

To keep these cracks to a minimum, fabricators use different methods of support, especially along cutouts and overhangs. Some put in wire mesh, while others favor fiber support as it has more flexibility. Still others use rebar. The purpose of these support strategies is to strengthen the integrity of the concrete and keep it from settling too far and producing cracks.

The good news is these hairline cracks are usually repairable, and quite easily. That said, you can avoid having to deal with these things if you choose granite countertops from a reputable concrete countertop specialist.


While concrete countertops are all the rage now, it is bound to be short-lived as more homeowners discover the grim facts about them just described here. They say experience is an excellent teacher, but you can skip a grade by keeping these facts in mind when choosing a material for your concrete kitchen countertops.

You should also be aware that granite, marble, and quartz countertops are far from perfect. However, if you get them from a reliable countertop specialist, you can be sure any drawbacks will not be on the level of concrete countertops.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Use the tools to stretch your DIY concrete countertops with a thin layer of concrete. Pulling the cement in the other way makes the corner seem cleaner. I let a coat cure entirely for 24 hours before applying another coat and then sanding it down with medium sandpaper.

Concrete countertops pros and cons

Concrete is a perfect choice as it comes in many different colors, textures, and styles. Concrete kitchen countertops can also be personalized to create a unique look that will show off your style! Here are some benefits and drawbacks of concrete countertops.




It can crack 

Cracks on concrete can be fixed

Not stains and scratches resistant


The cost of concrete countertops depends mostly on the expertise and originality of the craftsman and any customized features. While concrete countertops cost per square is $65 to $135 might seem like a lot for some materials, these costs are in line with other high-end finishes such as granite or marble that require similar care when installed. The cost of concrete countertops is divided into three levels:

  • High: $135+ per square foot
  • Medium: $100-$135 per square foot
  • Low: $65-$100 per square foot

A mineral finish may be put to the top and along the sides, making your concrete kitchen worktops look like granite. Start by washing the counters, letting them dry completely before using any product so you don’t cause streaks or smears in their color pattern.

You can get the look of stone coat countertops and stone floors without having to replace your concrete. The marble-like appearance may start to bore you if it’s been there for a while, so maybe this is a sign that it’s time for something new. You don’t have to replace concrete for stone-like countertops and flooring. Simply apply a marble sealant that will give your old floors an updated yet classic look.

For a home that is looking good and staying strong in the long run, start by taking care of your concrete. Start with sanding and wiping down any obvious dirt or grime before sealing it up to help prevent air from seeping through cracks, leading to water damage. Add layers of paint for an even more durable finish, as this will keep those pesky weeds away, so you don’t have to dedicate hours on end scrubbing them off later.

Making your own concrete kitchen countertops are one of the more challenging—and rewarding—DIY projects. You have to follow some points:

  • Create various textures and shapes of mold
  • Place one shape at a time into your mold
  • Grab some wire and a piece of wood that is at least as wide as the tree you are using for your ladder.
  • Mixing and pouring concrete is a great way to build your home.
  • Now remove the mold and finish off your slab. Get some quality material to install that countertop.

The process of polishing countertops is nuanced and can be adjusted to create a variety of looks. You’ll need a hand-held orbital sander or a hand polisher if you want your concrete surface to have the most desired effect.

Polishing concrete kitchen countertops is a great way to make your kitchen look clean and new! There are three different looks you can polish the surface, including:

  • A rough finish for heavy-duty wear
  • An acid wash that provides an aged appearance. This type of polisher also protects from stains.
  • The high gloss creates a smooth protective layer on top of the concrete.

Assume the concrete countertops are installed. One by one, you have to take certain measures.

  • First, cut the melamine in a shape
  • Trim the Luan and glue it
  • Make concrete mix
  • Remove seal and mold

Concrete countertops are priced high for a reason. A square foot of concrete will cost you $65, and installation is another variable that comes into play with the price per hour costing between $30-$90 depending on who installs it. If we compare concrete countertops cost vs granite, then concrete countertops are affordable.

 What are cement countertops?

Cement counters are the newest and hottest trend in kitchen surfaces, offering a highly customizable surface that is both attractive as well as hard-wearing. A concrete countertop is also called a cement countertop. Concrete countertops can be used for any number of spaces – from kitchens to bathrooms to entertaining outdoor areas or even restaurants and bars. Concrete kitchen countertops offer an attractive surface that can be customized to your desired look while also providing functionality in the form of durability with easy maintenance and cleaning.

Concrete is easy to care for as long as the sealant has been applied correctly. You’ll need a pH-neutral cleaner (That is friendly and effective in getting rid of dirt or grease stains.) to avoid aggressive scrubbing pads or abrasive cleansers that can wear away the sealer!

  • His own high strength blend design
  • Rebar, cross-section, and fiber reinforcement 
  • 2-inch-thick countertop 
  • Countertop precast in his shop 
  • Concrete stain if shading is wanted 
  • Densifier/Hardener for the concrete 
  • Polished up to a 3000-coarseness finish 
  • Delivery and establishment 
  • Maintenance and care guidelines 


The person ought to be exceptionally clear with regards to the solidness, support. What to stay away from, and how an issue would be fixed. They should cause you to feel sure you’ve picked the ideal individual to assemble your concrete countertop. Recollect, this will endure forever.

  • It can be uniquely crafted to any estimate or shape to meet your requirements and wants. 
  • Concrete is very scratch and hotness safe. 
  • Can make extraordinary plans utilizing glass, shells, stone, shading, and fiber-optic lighting. 
  • If fixed aptly, they’re not challenging to tidy up and keep up with. 
  • Can add to home value.