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Breaking Down The Costs Of Granite Countertops - Granite Colors And Prices

Breaking Down The Costs Of Granite Countertops - Granite Colors And Prices

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Most people have the idea that granite countertop are remodeling budget killers, but that is not true at all. Granite countertops can be quite pricey, but it depends on the choices you make. For example, Silver Granite Marble has a limited time offer from $27 per square foot of granite countertops price, installed, so you can really find a package for any budget if you know where to look.

Many factors affect the total cost of granite countertops. To make the right choices to keep to your budget, you need to know a bit about these factors. You need to know why they cost the way they do, and how you can turn it to your advantage.
By doing a bit of research, you will find the granite countertops that suit your budget without sacrificing looks or quality. Breaking down the costs of granite countertops will put you on the right path.

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It was such a pleasant experience working with Silver Marble & Granite. Tony was very professional, upfront, and personable during his visit to take measurements. We had a few tricky corners, and everything turned out beautifully! I loved how we could go out to the facility to pick out the exact slab that would be installed.
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Granite Countertops Cost

Your kitchen remodel can cost you a lot. However, it solely depends on the choices you make. For instance, custom granite cost can lift your budget in no time. But that is not always the case. Indeed, granite countertops price are usually high. But, they tend to differ due to some factors.
So, granite countertops prices vary based on their type, quality, and grade level. These and other factors influence levels of granite pricing. In addition, the source from where the granite came also has an impact on its cost.

The average cost of granite countertops

If you want an overall estimate, the average cost of granite countertops goes from $2000 to $4500 with installation. In most cases, labor costs from $35 to $85 an hour. In addition, the granite slab ranges from $40 to $75 per square foot installed. Also, the edge cuts and finish can add up to the total granite cost.  

Moving on, the cost of granite tiles comes between $6 and $10 per square foot, which is much less than you think. Furthermore, the granite cost also varies according to color. For  instance, white granite prices are less than black granite. 

kitchen countertops
Not only make a huge statement in the design of a kitchen space, but also must be functional and durable for years of cooking and entertaining.


Levels Of Granite

The levels of granite have a great impact on the custom granite countertops cost. One thing to remember is that the level of granite depends on the rarity of its color and pattern. It does not affect its quality. The quality of level 1 granite is as good as level 3. So, the rarity of the stone decides the level 1 granite prices.

Therefore, if you pick level 3, granite prices can be triple that of level 1. So, consider your budget before you choose any level of granite. Similarly, the prices get higher as the grade level goes to 4. Keep in mind that the granite colors and prices are deeply connected. It can make the prices fall or rise. In the same way, white granite price can differ from black ones.

In that case, let’s talk about the factors to understand custom granite countertops cost.

Levels of Granite Pricing

Furthermore, levels of granite pricing varies according to the quality and brand of granite countertops that is also described below.

granite countertops deals

Granite colors and prices

Granite comes in several colors and every color has a different price. We discuss granite colors according to the granite color level. There are three granite color levels, and in each level granite cost per square foot is different. Some colors like gray, white, black are less expensive, but some rare colors like red usually have a high cost.  Furthermore, blue granite is more expensive than others. Add black granite countertops if you want your kitchen to seem classy. Pair them to a traditional look with the wooden cabinets or match them to a smarter modern vibe with grey cabinets. You can decorate your kitchen with colorful granite countertops.  

Level 1 granite colors with prices:



Level 2 granite colors with prices:



Level 3 granite colors with prices:



granite price

The sealing factor

When you are making your budget, do not forget to add the cost of its seal. A seal is essential for granite. Its price ranges from $170 to $350. So, add this price to your granite countertops cost. These things can lift the price of your custom granite countertops. To summarize, the granite slabs price list changes every day. Changing market values affect the custom granite countertops cost. However, Silver marble granite offers the best granite prices. Within your budget, they offer a variety of colors and patterns. So, try to follow them for the discounts they can offer.

Granite installation cost:

In the middle-sized Kitchen with 27 square feet of counter space, the total installation costs for granite countertops are between $2,185-$4,280. You will probably pay between $50 and $200 per square feet for supplies and work depending on the amount of granite you chose or the normal of $93 per square foot for installation cost. To allow enough of room and overhang, your counters must be at least 24 inches deep. An average of 160″ wide and 24″ deep kitchen countertops is around 27 square feet in space. Furthermore, the installation cost changes according to the size of the counter and material.


You can afford granite countertops cost if you make the right choices. The factors above are the major ones affecting the final bill. Of course, if you choose to contract with a reliable countertop specialist, you can probably get the same advice. We are your ONE-STOP SHOP for home improvement, and we specialize in providing you with the best granite countertops in Northern Virginia. You can visit our showroom in Sterling, VA to see the colors of actual slabs before you buy. We will walk you through each one, and identify the slabs that are true granite. We work only with the best brands in the business, and can offer better prices and faster turnarounds than big box stores. Aside from granite and marble, we also carry top brands in engineered quartz, including Silestone, MSI, Cambria, and Caesarstone. Check out our website for some of the best deals in kitchen countertops and other products to make your home a better place. While you are at it, take advantage of our free quote. You will be amazed at the deals we can offer you!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

In terms of cost per square foot, tiles for countertops range from $5 to $15. With square foot prices of $25 to $40, modular pieces are nearly as affordable. Among slabs, white, gray, and green tones sell for 40 to 60 cents per square foot.

There are no fixed prices for granite. Granite  cost depends on the quality of the stone. But if you are looking for granite at low prices, granite remnants are the best choice. If you want an estimate, you can expect to pay $10 to $35 per square foot. 

Remnants with simple edge cuts will cost you much less than expected. Depending upon the job, it will cost around $300 to $700 with installation. But for remnants, you may have to join more than two pieces to make a countertop.

The cost of granite depends on its thickness and type. Typically, a granite slab will cost you between $40 and $75 per square foot with installation. The cost of granite tiles is between $6 and $10 per square foot, which is much less than you might think. Also, you can DIY if possible; the costs will be around $25 to $40 per square foot. 

If you have ever visited a store, you will know that granite has grade levels from A to F. These levels also determine the cost of granite countertops.

Well, you do not need any specific tools for that. All you need is a furnace, cobblestone, coal or charcoal, and a wooden table/grid. First of all, combine cobblestone and coal to make a stone. Then, you can create smooth stones by adding more coal. To turn it into a slab, arrange three smooth stones horizontally in the center of the grid. Each placed next to the other. Let them settle. Your smooth stone slab is ready.

According to an overall estimate, quartz countertops range from $80 to $140 per square foot installed. On the other hand, granite starts at $80 and can go up to $175 per square foot. It solely depends on the quality and grade level of the granite stone. The cost of both countertops increases with a high-end finish. Also, the cost of raw material, fabrication, and installation add to their costs.

Contractors tend to differ when it comes to the pricing of granite countertops. They usually price granite based on its grade level. Then, the colors and finish add to the total cost. You will probably hear the price of granite per square foot. But it is better to include other expenses too. So, expect to pay $2000 to $4500 on average for granite countertops. 

The granite slab will cost you around $40 to $75 with labor. Remember that the color and pattern determine the grade level of granite. So, it adds up to the total cost of installation. 

The source of granite is the most important factor that determines its price. You can see a large number of granite slabs in a granite store. They might look similar but their prices will vary based on their region. For example, granite from Italy will cost you more than the one from Brazil. In this case, Silver marble granite is the best place to get granite at the best price. You will identify the slabs that are granite in the true sense. They offer some of the best deals on granite countertops.