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$ 1,149 Up-to 25 sq. ft. Projects
  • Free in-home estimate
  • Including measurement
  • Including fabrication
  • Including installation
  • Including unermount sink
  • Including sink cutout
  • Including edge (pencil, eased, 1/4 bevel)
  • Including faucet holes
  • Including corner custom
  • 6 granite colors


$ 1,349 Up-to 35 sq. ft. Projects
  • Free in-home estimate
  • Including measurement
  • Including fabrication
  • Including installation
  • Including unermount sink
  • Including sink cutout
  • Including edge (pencil, eased, 1/4 bevel)
  • Including faucet holes
  • Including corner custom
  • 6 granite colors


$ 1,649 Up-to 40 sq. ft. Projects
  • Free in-home estimate
  • Including measurement
  • Including fabrication
  • Including installation
  • Including unermount sink
  • Including sink cutout
  • Including edge (pencil, eased, 1/4 bevel)
  • Including faucet holes
  • Including corner custom
  • 6 granite colors


$ 1,849 Up-to 50 sq. ft. Projects
  • Free in-home estimate
  • Including measurement
  • Including fabrication
  • Including installation
  • Including unermount sink
  • Including sink cutout
  • Including edge (pencil, eased, 1/4 bevel)
  • Including faucet holes
  • Including corner custom
  • 6 granite colors

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Our marvelous collection of granite countertops in Sterling

We are selling a remarkable collection of new granite countertops in Sterling that can make your kitchen impressive and contemporary. Our granite slabs are durable and genuine, and we sell them at affordable prices. If you wish to make your kitchen astonishing, then our granite countertops will do so in a breathtaking manner. Our foremost aim is to provide fine quality with the latest styles and designs. Silver marble granite is the best choice for every inspiring countertop for an up-to-date kitchen in the USA. Contact us for further details

You need the most absolute for your kitchen and bathroom Countertops. However, what material would you recommend choosing? If you are thinking of going for granite, join the thousands of home holders doing the same.

For a considerable period of time, Silver Marble and Granite has provided granite creation and installation services to landowners. Our specialists are here to help you get the look, design, and functionality you want.

The free estimates are accessible to all of our clients. So don’t stop for a second to contact us with your inquiries!

Buy our Luxury Sterling Granite countertops

Granite Countertops in Sterling

Buying granite countertops in Sterling, VA, for your kitchen or bathroom is an extraordinary idea, in case you are looking for quality. 

You will see for yourself that the granite slabs we have are from the top brands in the market. And we’ll make sure that you own this luxury in its best form.

Mitered edge granite stone is a natural resource obtained from the outer layer of the earth’s crust. Each section of stone is exemplary in its colors, veining pattern, and stains. This means that every slab you install will be 100% original. Most of our clients like the natural design of granite. What’s more, it’s the reason why you’ll install it into countless homes across Virginia and the world.

Give Your Home New Look Today!

We offer the latest types of granite countertops in Sterling, VA

As far as the types are concerned, granite ranges from white to black to pink. The variations in a granite rock exist due to other minerals and rocks. So, you will be amazed to see the varieties we have in granite types. Also, the types of granite depend on their colors and patterns. 

So, let’s explore the types of granite colors that we have for your kitchen and bath countertops.

Classic white granites:

Before we start, you should know that no granite can be as pure white as it can be. If you see one, it is not granite. The milky white granite is because of the quartz and feldspar minerals in its surface. White granite comes in various light and dark veining patterns. 

In addition, there are some brown and black spots. Pretty and elegant white granite countertops can complement any kitchen. Some popular white granite that we offer are:

Sharp Black Granites:

Black granites are another stark type of it. These countertops have olivine minerals in them. These black beauties are as hard as the rock itself. Also, they are an excellent choice for a black and white themed kitchen. If you want your kitchen to stand out, pick any black granite countertop from our collection. We have the ones with gold and silver speckles. Let’s find out what we have in trends these days:

Brown and natural pink granites:

If you have a good taste for natural tones, go for the brown and pink granites we offer. These neutral shades are versatile in every sense. For a traditional and rustic kitchen, opt for these lighter tone counters. So, take a look at some popular kitchen tops in this category:

Our Stylish And Functional Of Granite Countertops For Your Kitchen

One reason why homeowners lean for granite countertops is that they are exceptionally durable. You can install them in your kitchen without stressing over them getting damaged, burned, or stained.

However, keep in mind that kitchen marble countertops are permeable materials, which means they must have a fixed surface. A suitable and permanent place makes them work much better than you think. So, this is what will make the countertops last much longer. It’s a good idea to have it expertly fixed at the installation time, as well as every year.

Check with the hired contractor to see how regularly sealing is required depending on the material used.

Once sealed, you can use the surface in any way you want, just try to avoid acidic fluids from spilling on a surface level. This includes citrus, red wine, and food coloring. Make it a rule to use coasters for cups and pitchers. Remember that by improving your lifestyle, you can amplify the working of your counter surfaces.

Inspiring properties of granite countertops Near Me in Sterling

Just like any other countertop material, our black pearl granite also has both highs and lows. No doubt, it provides durability and resistance to your place. Just search for granite countertops near me, and you will come across our inspiring granite collection. However, it has some pros and cons that you should know before making the final call. The table below will help you understand the gist of the matter:

Pros of granite countertops

Like many other natural stones, granite also has its pros and cons. For sure, its pros outnumber the few downsides that come with it. Let’s have a look at some positives of granite countertops:

  • A natural stone with a smooth surface.
  • It is durable for the kitchen.
  • Has a heat-resistant property.
  • Can resist stains with a seal.
  • Has a great visual appeal.
  • Adds value and grace to your home.
  • Many options to choose from.

Our granite countertops collection for your bathroom

Granite Countertops Sterling

Your bathroom vanity is another extraordinary place for a granite slab. Granite tops look amazing in the bathroom settings. You can choose from a variety of color options to get the design you need. Granite is used popularly in bathrooms due to its excellence and durability.

You can discover a variety of bathroom images on this site that showcases granite installations in private bathrooms.

Care & Maintenance of Granite Countertops Near Me

Your granite countertops are fixed; how would you handle it? Ultimately, as a general guideline, you should try to clean it every day to prevent dust and development. Also, what’s surprisingly better is that you don’t need to use fancy cleaning supplies.

All you need is warm water and a mild cleanser in a shower bottle. Spray the surface with the fixing agent and wipe it with a soaked material. Be that as it may, in case you choose to use an element, make sure it is explicitly planned for new sterling granite countertops.

Another tip is to keep acidic spills and nail removers away from the granite surface. In this way, you can protect its natural color from discoloration. Make these tips a part of your routine to keep it in the best condition.

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Hiring A Granite Countertops Contractor in Sterling

The experts at Silver Marble and Granite are here to help. Regardless of whether you need help with planning, material determination, creation, or setup, we can help. You can usually stop by our local showroom to see our available granite slabs.

Choosing the one you need by hand is an extraordinary advantage, as you know exactly what you are getting in advance. The regions we manage incorporate the Washington DC metropolitan area and urban areas throughout Northern Virginia, including Alexandria, Fairfax, and Arlington. Ready to get started organizing your countertop upgrade? For that, connect with our specialists today to get your free estimate.

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This is our 2nd time using Silver Marble & Granite and once again had a wonderful experience. Tony is so accommodating and worked with us to get our dream countertops at a great price. Their installation team was efficient , professional and extremely focused on attention to detail.
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We used Silver Marble and Granite to get our countertops. We worked with James who very responsive and knowledgeable. Amazing service!!! Definitely recommend!!!!
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We would highly recommend this place. Everyone was helpful, extremely knowledgeable in their field and also they are patient they answers all questions prior to during and even after our counter top installation. As a briefly i do not hesitate to recommend to family and friends!!!
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It was such a pleasant experience working with Silver Marble & Granite. Tony was very professional, upfront, and personable during his visit to take measurements. We had a few tricky corners, and everything turned out beautifully! I loved how we could go out to the facility to pick out the exact slab that would be installed.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Silver Marble and Granite is a purely natural stone that comes directly from stone quarries and is then withdraw thin slabs, polished, and invented into countertops. Our countertops are designed stone merchandise that will contain an oversized proportion of natural granite. However, they might also embody different minerals.

Well, you have several places to get new granite countertops sterling for your home. However, Silver marble granite is the best place to have quality, looks and budget-friendly counters in one place. We offer great deals in variety and prices. Our countertops have a vast range of colors that go from white to black to pink. For natural looking counters or thin slabs, visit our website to get the one for your kitchen and bath.

Moreover, you also order granite countertops online. Just check out the latest collection and pick the suitable one. You are just one click away from a quality purchase.

Keeping your new granite countertops clean is simply as necessary as waterproofing them. Below we tend to share steps to create your countertops shine with a DIY granite cleaner.

 Step 1: Clean Off the Counters:

Begin by removing everything off of the counter. Take all appliances, tableware, and keepsakes, and move them to a different surface, just like the table or stovetop. Once the counters are freed from big things, use a dry sponge to brush away any residues.

 Step 2: Scrub the Surface:

Frequent use of vinegar, Windex, or bleach can boring the granite and weaken the sealer. Instead, a touch of soap and water ought to do the trick. Add dish soap and heat water to a sponge, get an honest lather and start the cleanup. Avoid mistreatment of abrasive pads, as granite is damaged.

 Step 3: take away Stubborn Stains:

If cleanup does not work, the spot would possibly need a razor blade. Use the knife to scrape away any guck or build-up on the countertop. Don’t worry. You are not reaching to scratch the surface. Merely confirm that the full fringe of the blade rests on the counter. Once happy, rinse your sponge and suck the suds. You’ll get to rinse your sponge, ring it out and suck the remaining suds sometimes. Confirm your counters are free from any giant puddles or leftover suds.

 Step 4: make the surface clean:

In a spray bottle, produce a 50/50 mixture of isopropanol and water. One cup alcohol and one cup water ought to hump. Spray the complete counter down with the water/alcohol mixture and wait 5 minutes. Once 5 minutes, wipe the wet off the counters from back to front with a clean tea towel employing a sweeping “S” motion. Once you’ve got completed these steps, your counters ought to be clean and disinfected.

 Step 5: Add Shine:

To put a shine on your granite, pour a touch of oil on a soft cleanup artifact and wipe it across the countertop. Buff it gently. This makes the counter a touch bit stain-resistant and provides it a shiny shine.

Always take a look at the permeability of your granite before you apply a sealer. That said, if your granite absorbs water or oil apace, a penetrating sealer can create maintenance abundant easier. There’s no such issue as a secure, stain-proof sealer for granite. However, an honest sealer can provide you with the time you wish to suck spills before they’re absorbed. Note that waterproofing has nothing to do with however shiny your countertops are; this is often caused by sprucing.

 Test whether or not the granite desires to waterproof:

  • Avoid golf stroke juice on your countertop ever.
  • Select a penetrating sealer for natural stone
  • Read the directions on the label.

 Sealing the Granite countertop:

  • Clean the granite.
  • Wear gloves and ventilate the realm.
  • Test during a tiny corner.
  • Apply the sealer equally.
  • Let the sealer absorb into the stone.
  • Apply a second coat if necessary.
  • Wipe up the sealer.
  • Leave the counter alone for forty-eight hours.
  • Consider future maintenance and re-sealing.

You would like new countertops. However, skilled installation is dear. As luck would have it, replacement laminate countertops is  a project that you will tackle on your own. Suppose you’ve got a touch of additional talent, which might also use a material like granite, concrete, wood, and tile. To avoid wasting time, measure your countertops and get them organized pre-cut. Then, secure them to the wood supports and work the sink and vary to form your countertops the most valuable part of the space.

Removing previous Countertops:

  • Detach the water and gas offer lines.
  • Loosen the mounting screws and calk to get rid of the sink and vary.
  • Detach the fasteners on the previous countertops.

Cutting and Fitting Laminate Countertops:

  • Measure the house needed for the countertops.
  • Cut the countertops to size.
  • Trace the sink and vary house on the countertop.
  • Cut out the sink or vary house.
  • File down the cuts till they’re swish.
  • Check to ascertain that the countertops work over the cupboards.
  • Lay the build-up strips on high of the cupboards.
  • Fasten the strips in situ with screws.
  • Fit the countertop items along.
  • Bolt the countertop items along.

Installing and finishing the countertop:

  • Slide the countertops back against the wall.
  • Scribe the backsplash.
  • Sand the countertop right down to the scribe line.
  • Repeat sanding till the countertop is flat against the wall.
  • Caulk the miter joints to secure the countertops along.
  • Screw the countertops to the cupboards.
  • Place calk on the backsplash.

Seal the sink and zero in place with calk:

  • Cut the laminate aspect strips to suit the countertop’s edges.
  • Use contact cement to attach the aspect strips in situ.
  • File down the laminate strips.

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