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Granite Countertops

You need the most absolute for your kitchen and bathroom Countertops. However, what material would you recommend choosing? If you are thinking of going granite, then join the thousands of home holders doing the same.

For a considerable period of time, Silver Marble and Granite has offered granite creation and installation management to landowners. Our specialists are here to help you get the look, design, and functionality you want.

The free estimates are accessible to all of our clients. So don’t stop for a second to contact us with your inquiries!


The Luxury of Owning Granite Countertops

Buying granite countertops for your kitchen or bathroom is an extraordinary idea in case you are looking for quality. You will see that the granite slabs that we have available are from the top brands in the market.

Mitered edge granite stone is a natural resource obtained from the outer layer of the earth’s crust. Each section of stone is extraordinary in its colors, veins, and stains. This means that every slab you install will be 100% different. Many of our clients, like the natural design of granite.

What’s more, it’s the reason why you’ll install it into countless homes across Virginia and the world.


Granite Countertops for Functionality

One reason why homeowners lean for granite kitchen countertops? because they are exceptionally durable. You can install them into your kitchen without the stress of them getting damaged, burned, or stained.

However, keep in mind that the kitchen marble countertop is a permeable material, which means that it must have a fixed surface. This is what will make the countertops last much longer. It’s a good idea to have it expertly fixed at the installed time, as well as every year.

Check with the hired contractor to see how regularly sealing is required depending on the item used.

Once sealed, you can use the surface in any way you want, just try to avoid acidic fluids from spilling on a surface level. This incorporates citrus, red wine, and food coloring. Make it a rule to use coasters for cups and pitchers.

Granite Countertops for the Bathroom

Your bathroom vanity is another extraordinary place for a granite slab. The granite looks amazing in the bathroom settings. You can choose from a variety of color options to get the design you need. Granite is used popularly in bathrooms due to its excellence and durability.

You can discover a variety of own bathrooms on this site that showcases granite installations in private bathrooms.


Granite Countertop Maintenance

Your granite countertop is fixed; how would you handle it? Ultimately, as a general guideline, you should try to clean it every day to prevent dust and development. Also, what’s surprisingly better is that you don’t need to use fancy cleaning supplies.

All you need is warm water and a mild cleanser in a shower bottle. Spray the surface with the fix and wipe it with a soaked material. Be that as it may, in case you choose to use an element, make sure it is explicitly planned for granite countertops.


Hiring a Granite Countertop Contractor

The experts at Silver Marble and Granite are here to help. Regardless of whether you need help with planning, material determination, creation, or setup, we can help. You can usually stop by our local showroom to see our available granite slabs.

Choosing the one you need by hand is an extraordinary advantage, as you, therefore, knows exactly what you are getting in advance. The regions we manage incorporate the Washington DC metropolitan area and urban areas throughout Northern Virginia, including Alexandria, Fairfax, and Arlington. Ready to get started organizing your countertop upgrade? At that time, connect with our specialists today to get your free estimate.

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