Lucky Colors for Kitchen Counters

Do you want to get lucky? You might not believe in feng shui, but this ancient practice by the Chinese makes a lot of sense. It uses design and colors to create balance and harmony in the home. Practitioners believe specific colors bring certain types of energy into the home. It works on the principle that colors affect people at a psychological level, and even non-practitioners acknowledge the scientific basis of color psychology.

At any rate, it does not hurt to follow feng shui guidelines when it comes to colors and their placement, especially with kitchen countertops. Here are some simple tips for bring lucky colors for kitchen countertops.

Not a lot of people believe in feng shui, a long-time Chinese practice that seeks to create harmony and balance to the world. However, it certainly does not hurt to know something about it, especially when kitchen remodeling. Colors play a big part in this practice, because it is believed that certain colors bring about certain energies into the home when placed in the right bagua areas. The best part is, the good colors also look great in the kitchen!  Here are some suggestions for you.


Kitchen Countertops

White represents purity and freshness in Western thinking. In feng shui, however, it brings in the energy of metal, which signifies precision and discipline. The metal element can bring warmth to the kitchen if you put it in the North, West, or Northwest Bagua areas.


Yellow is an excellent kitchen color according to feng shui. It is a symbol of fire, which makes it appropriate in the kitchen. It is also a very lucky color, as yellow represents happy relationships, abundance, and prosperity. Most people find yellow cheerful even if they do not know about feng shui, so there is some basis for this belief.

However, yellow can also be an overwhelming color, so you should combine it with green, white, or black. You might want to use it for the kitchen countertops, an accent wall, or the trims.


black kitchen

Black brings in balance energy when placed in the North bagua area of the kitchen and in combination with white or bright colors such as yellow. If you are thinking yin-yang, you have the right idea. The best way to bring in black into the kitchen is through quartz or marble countertops in the right spots.



One of the most common colors for granite countertops in gray, and they are available in many shades. While some shades might seem too drab for some people, others can bring a welcoming energy into the home. Choose soft gray granite countertops, or darker gray ones paired with walls or cabinets in a lighter gray. Leaven the gray with white for the kitchen island and dark hardwood floors.

Sky blue


A good option for gray if you find it too boring is sky blue. It is a water element and has a happy yet calm energy when placed in the North bagua area. The best way to bring it into the kitchen is by way of the countertops and backsplashes but be sure to mix it up with something in earth colors to keep it from being too overwhelming. Spend more time in a kitchen with this color, and some of that positive yet fluid energy will rub off on your life and career.


green kitchen

If you have a kitchen facing the east or southeast, you might want to consider green to bring in freshness and vitality into the home. Green is a wood element, representing family, health, and career. Avocado and mint green are popular colors, and they have slightly different psychological effects. However, they are equally positive when used for kitchen countertops in combination with hardwood floors.


kitchen with red

Red is perhaps not a common color in kitchens. But it might be worth the trouble to figure out a way to integrate it if your kitchen is in the earth bagua areas of Center, Southwest, and Northwest. Red nourishes these areas as it is a fire element.

Red also represents prosperity and good luck for the Chinese, so that is a bonus. However, since red is such a powerful color, you will want to use it as an accent for kitchens. You can use red a bit more in white or black kitchens, as these are also strong colors.


While these colors will bring good luck into the home, they work better in certain color combinations. Use these tips to pair the right colors for feng shui.

Gray and yellow – Gray is metal and yellow is earth, and they work well together to bring in calmness and abundance into the home. You want to choose a dark rather than light yellow when in combination with gray for a more appealing look.

Yellow and green – For kitchens in the Northwest and Southwest bagua areas, combine yellow and green for a fresh, soothing, and solid feel.

Dark green and copper – Bring in good luck with a dark green kitchen by using copper accents for a unique kitchen in the South or Southeast bagua areas.


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