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Our Superior Quality Marble Countertops

We sale premium quality marble countertops in the latest designs and colors at economical prices. Our countertops are crafted from using the latest technology; furthermore, all styles in marble countertops are alluring and robust. If you want to make your kitchen stylish, then our superb collection of countertops should be the foremost choice for you. Our aim is to provide fine quality products, and you will not regret buying our marble countertop. Furthermore, we have countertops in various sizes, so you can select that which would be suitable for your kitchen area.

Enhance your kitchen value from our entice marble countertops

Honestly, you don’t invest in the type or the color of a stone/slab. In particular, you invest in the real stone. That is how these natural stones enhance the value of your home. In that case, our durable marble countertops are always there with their ever-shining classic beauty. Fair to say that genuine beauty comes with its price, quality, and maintenance. So, one must not compare these natural beauties to the engineered ones.

For people like you who simply do not compromise on the quality and outlook of your home décor, marble countertops have a lot to offer. From white to black to grays, there is all you need in colors and texture.

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We have alluring colors of Marble Countertops

You are less likely to find identical designs and colors in marble slabs. So, they are appraised to be pure and unique. Our marble countertops are unique in their visual appeal due to the colors and veining patterns. No doubt their aesthetics are pleasing to your eyes. You can buy our marble countertops in several major categories, white, black and other. Moreover, you have the option of mixing and matching some browns, crèmes, and grays as well.

White & Black marble countertops

The most stunning and in-demand marble is the white one. If you have ever seen marbles for real, nothing will please you as much as the beauty of white marble stone. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular white choices:

For a natural stone like marble, go for a classic calacatta white. Emanated from Italy, this one is the best choice for kitchen marble countertops. Also, with a natural unique veining pattern, it is the best for both homes and industries. So, go and complement your outdoors and fireplaces with this white beauty.

There are hundreds of variations of marble, but Carrara marble from Italy is the most popular due to its stain resistance and better toughness. Moreover, this type of white marble countertop is the least expensive.

This one is popular because of its intense white looks. As compared to Carrara, it has less popularity but the application is similar. In this case, the difference is the veining patterns in light gray against its white background. For a dramatic look that stands the test of time, go for it as your countertops.

This type of marble has a unique mix of blue, gray, and red on a white base. The slabs of marble are the perfect addition to any interior design. Like others, it is also suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas.

Also known as Snow White, Thassos white marble is perfect for your kitchen or bathroom. If used on your countertop and backsplash, it will give the appearance of a seamless, uniform surface. The color of its white flawless surface is similar to that of a mother pearl. Blue tile on the floor of your bathroom can complement this material. Mystery white:

Well, if you are interested in adding a little mystery to your place, choose this marble stone. The light sky color of the cabinetry will give your kitchen a breath of fresh air. It can be polished or honed to your preference. To add more, pair this masterpiece with nova grey cabinets and get the best results.

Well, there is no such absolute white in natural stones. The seams and self-prints are always present. But, that is the real beauty of these natural stones. In that case, this absolute white marble has dark gray specs on its surface that make it alluring for most homeowners. Get an advanced look with a matte or leather finish. 

Marble is popular for its sleek and polished surface. If you like to have a matte surface, then Pietra Gray is your best choice. This one comes in the family of both white and gray. Its slabs have gray undertones that give elegance to your home. These matte finishes are an excellent choice for the kitchen and bathroom.  

This type of white marble offers ethereal beauty to your home. With its bold and straight grey lines, you can have a dramatic counter for your kitchen. But, it may be difficult to find uniform slabs of such unique pieces. Create depth in your given space with this white stone.

For a contemporary look, black marble countertops are much in trend since 2019. It is no surprise that black counters give a striking look to your home. A black slab is the best choice for a white and black theme kitchen. But, only those who have courage dare to take this chance.  

These black beauties are perfect to contrast with bold as well as neutral shades. So, if you want to create a dramatic ambiance, go for black kitchen marble countertops. Well, you have a few stunning black marbles out there:

The Black Marquina polished marble collection is sophisticated and has timeless appeal. This alluring marble has irregular white veining that gives a classic look. Black Marquina is being used in the kitchen, bathroom, exterior, and interior decoration, stairs, and others. It is the best choice for black lovers. Furthermore, you can get different variations in the black Marquina marble.

For a dreamy kitchen space, what is better than a fantasy black marble counter? This type has an authentic and smooth array of streamlines of gray and white patterns. With a dark gray backsplash, you can make a bold statement. In the same way, pair these slabs with bold red cabinets to stand out as new.

Fossil black comes in two main variations one is with black background second is brown. It is being sold worldwide. Its standard thickness is 1.8cm. fossil black is the perfect choice for wall cladding and flooring. Furthermore, it is also available in 2 and 3 cm. Fossil black is an affordable and robust material. Fossil black marble is being used for sinks, pools, walls, floor, and another design project.

Nero Dorato is a famous piece of marble that was quarried in Tunisia. It has a black background and also has white and gold veins on the surface in a random way. Nero Dorato marble is being used for interior and exterior applications or decoration. It is best for vanity tops, wall cladding, swimming pool, flooring, bathroom and reception desk, etc.

Noir Saint Laurent marble has different finishes such as honed, polished, sawn, acid wash, and Antique. Furthermore, it is freeze-thaw resistant. Noir saint is excellent in structural performance. It has irregular white veins on black background. This attractive black marble is being used for the bathroom, kitchen, flooring, walls, pool, and swimming pool, etc.

Other Types of  marble countertops: 

Along with the vast range of whites and blacks, you have some gray, brown, and crème marble to explore. So, a wide array of marble will not disappoint you in any way.

Cream and ivory white marble slabs are treats for your eyes. Cream-white in color with light brown veins, this marble will give your kitchen a smooth texture. Plus, these neutral marble countertops are practical to use. Not only are they beautiful, but also stain and scratch-resistant.

To achieve a luxury look in your kitchen or bathroom, go for this golden marble piece. Italian in origin, this gold beauty has a white base with golden and gray veining patterns throughout the surface. So, bring luxury to your place with its natural variations and edge cuts.

This one falls into the category of brown marbles. Also, it features a beige-brown base with dark brown swirls and specs on the surface. Well, pair them with your beige color kitchen cabinets and dark brown flooring. It will add a subtle character to your kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces.

This one is a classic choice for more elegant kitchen marble countertops. The entire pattern flows through a cream background dotted with brown veins. Furthermore, its marble slabs feature light and dark tones of brown. In this way, you may bring a timeless piece to your home.

Black background with dark brown and cream veining pattern is not less than a beauty. Also, the streams of brown and white lines create a perfect piece for your bathroom, kitchen, and fireplace. You can pair this dark marble counter with ivory white cabinets to get a classic look. An attractive backsplash can also boost the appraisal.

This one is slightly different from the one before. The difference lies in the pitch of the black and brown. The black base in this marble is intense and dark. That is why it makes the white veiny patterns look prominent. So, you can pair this black beauty with neutral color cabinets for a perfect contrast.

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Our Marble Countertops have unique properties

Just like any other material, marble countertops also have some highs and lows. So, it is better to know about the whole package before you make the final call. Some of the highlights of this material are below:

  • Timeless beauty with natural but unique veining, colors, and designs
  • No need for extra polishing because of the natural glossy finish of this material
  • An excellent contribution to art and history
  • Best for food preparations (especially baking)
  • Comparable beauty to other engineered stones (quartz and granite)
  • High-end finishes at a relatively low price than engineered quartz
  • With highly effective sealers and good care, it serves for a longer time

Marble Countertops Cost

Marble countertops come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and prices. On average, the cost of this material goes from $40 to $180. So, the minimum would be $40 per square foot, while the maximum would be $160 or $180 per square foot. In this way, the average cost becomes $60 per square foot installed.                 

Our marble countertops cost depends on:

  • The quality factor
  • Size of the countertop
  • Its design
  • Color and veins
  • Thickness of marble
  • Edge and finish
  • Cost of labor

So, it all comes down to your choice that determines what you pay for a marble counter. Now, let’s see how the marble species affect its price. The following table gives an estimate of the cost per square foot of the most common types of marble:

Marble countertops type
Average cost per square foot

















Marble countertops installation cost

After the cost of marble stone, its installation and labor add up to your expenses. So, the average expense of the task is around $10 per square foot. But, the average time of installing kitchen marble countertops is 10 hours plus the complexity of the work. So, labor costs from $35 to $45 per hour.

Overall cost breakdown

By splitting your budget into three parts, you get material, labor, and tools. The cost percentage of these three main components is below:

Marble slab






Note: The best price to install marble countertops is $60 per square foot with installation and labor. Most people like to go around this average budget.

Why Should Choose our Marble Countertops

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen or remodel your home, then you should consider having a look at our Marble Countertops in Virginia. These are some of the most exquisite natural materials that have been used for centuries in decorating houses and countertops and other important structures. For this reason, they are very popular because of their elegant and classy appearance. Our soft golden brown color in marble countertops and the elegance that go with it is something that you will never want to let go of.

Furthermore, our Marble Countertops in Loudoun County offer a captivating beauty that no one but nature can give. Furthermore, it is the very motivation behind why many of our customers choose this stunning stone for their countertops’ installation. Marble Countertops in Ashburn is a fantastic product to use in different areas of the home.

In case you are looking for a redesign for your kitchen or bathroom countertop, then you should think about Marble Countertops Leesburg. The marble slabs that we have available at Silver Marble and Granite is the highest quality.

Contact us today to familiarize yourself with our Marble Countertops in Virginia and get a free quote!

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 Marble Countertops Maintenance

When beautiful Marble Countertops Reston are installed, it is up to you to take care of them. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to maintain its versatility. First of all, it is a good idea to have the surface sealed by experts.

Marble Countertops RestonSince the kitchen marble countertops is a natural substance, it contains pores, which makes it powerless against scratches and stains. Sealing it will help prevent this and extend its lifespan. You can choose the type of finish you need, for example, sharp or clean.

If a clean surface is stained, it is ideal to speak to an expert to avoid damage. You should never use abrasives, for example, scrub pads and harsh chemicals, on marble. However, if it has a sharp surface and you need to get rid of the etching, you can usually remove it with Comet glue and Scotch-Brite pads. Regarding daily maintenance, you have to clean it with a mild cleanser and warm water. It is ideal to use a damp material rather than a scrub pad.

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How to seal marble countertops

Marble contains a porous composition by nature that makes it prone to cracks, chips, and scratches. In this way, acidic spills and bacteria can enter deep into its surface. That is why you should seal marble countertops after installing them.

Here is what you need to seal the marble slab:

  • Non-abrasive cloth
  • Marble sealing compound
  • A plastic container or mixing bowl
  • A Marble cleaner
  • Paintbrush


  1. First of all, spray the marble cleaner on the surface and clean it thoroughly. Then use a non-abrasive cloth to wipe and dry the top.
  2. Pour the marble sealing compound into a plastic bowl. Also, make sure that the area has ventilation before you pour the sealer on the surface.
  3. Take a paintbrush and dip it inside the mixing bowl with sealant.
  4. Then, carefully apply uniform strokes all over the surface. Also, cover the edges of the kitchen marble countertops.
  5. After that, let the seal coat dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Keep the fans running until it dries?

Add Functionality With our Marble Countertops

Towards the end of the day, the installation of a kitchen Countertops in your kitchen will enhance functionality. You are ready to do what you have to do in these areas without stress.

Between function and maintenance, owning marble countertops is simple. If you are interested in having marble countertops installed at your home, then contact us today. 

We service various zones in Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia. Some of the cities we oblige include Alexandria, Fairfax, and Arlington. In the event you are in or around these communities, at that time, we can assist you with the fabrication and installation of your marble countertops.

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Hiring Our Marble Countertops Contractor

If that marble stone seems like an item that you need to install into your home, at that moment, we can help you. Silver Marble and Granite contractors are fully licensed, fortified, and guaranteed.

Brand warranties also back the stone slabs of matte countertops we sell. We make a substantial effort to quickly fabricate and install your chosen stone countertop without compromising quality and detail.

This is what makes us search for nearby local homeowners. In case you’re ready to start planning and installation up your new countertop, give us a call today. Free estimates are always available to our customers!