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Potomac Falls Granite and Quartz Countertops

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Upgrading the countertops in your kitchen or bath is a great way to spruce things up and enhance the value of your home. But how do you go about finding a reputable seller and manufacturer for your countertops?

If you’re interested in purchasing granite or quartz countertops for your property, then it’s important to do your research. You’ll find that using the net to find a reliable contractor and seller is key to getting satisfactory work done.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to ensure your granite or quartz countertops are the best.

About Potomac Falls

Not too long ago – in 1962 – Potomac Falls was made up of 1,762 acres of farmland. Back then, the area was known as Sterling Park and bordered the well-known dairy farm of Jesse Hughes. He came to Loudoun County, Virginia in the earlier part of the 20th century and was even a leader of the county’s Democrats for a long time.

Today, the town has grown into a bustling city with plenty of beautiful neighborhoods and even the nearby Dulles International Airport.

What We Did in Potomac Falls

The city of Potomac Falls is a town filled with proud property owners. As a business owner, we also take pride in helping homeowners keep their property updated with beautiful stone countertops. Our granite, marble, and engineered quartz are all made from high-quality manufacturers. This allows our customers to enjoy their stone countertops for many, many years.

Our professionals both fabricate and install stone countertops into customers’ homes. With these upgrades, homeowners are able to increase their property value. We install high-end stone products into kitchens and bathrooms.

Customer Says

When I first moved to Potomac Falls, I fell in love with the suburban neighborhoods. I knew I made the right move, especially with the property my wife and I purchased. We decided to go with a townhome. We wanted to update the kitchen with new kitchen counters so we looked online to see what we can find.

Yelp was great in helping us find Silver Marble Granite. We saw they had great comments from past customers. Plus, their website was very professional and showcased some of their work. We decided to reach out to them to see what they were about.

Their personnel were kind, helpful, and professional. We set up an appointment to have someone come to our home to take measurements. We then went down to their showroom to see their selection of granite countertops. My wife fell in love with a sand colored granite slab and we purchased it on the spot. The delivery was speedy and the installation was completed within a timely manner. We’re both very happy with the end result.

Kitchen Countertops Potomac Falls

The countertops in your kitchen are critical to the space’s design. If you have old, outdated, or chipped countertops, then it’s time for an upgrade. This time, you should choose kitchen countertops that are made from a quality material.

Granite and quartz are exceptional options because of their endurance. When you purchase these materials, you can expect for them to last for many years. Of course, this comes down to how well you take care of it. It’s also required that you regularly seal granite stone counters. This isn’t necessary if you have engineered quartz counters, though.

Bathroom Vanity Tops Potomac Falls

Your bathroom design consists of water and light fixtures, and the cabinetry and countertops. If your bathroom vanity tops are in need of an update, then it’ll only hurt the rest of the design. You can easily upgrade to stone counters with the assistance of Silver Marble Granite.

We have a selection of granite, marble, and engineered quartz slabs you can browse through at our local showroom. These slabs are fabricated and installed by our experienced contractors.

Granite Countertops Potomac Falls

Granite is a popular pick among homeowners because of its appearance and longevity. When you buy granite, you’re making a sound investment in your home. Not only does it deliver a return on investment, but it also makes your home more enticing to home buyers.

But even if you’re not trying to sell your home, you’ll enjoy the functionality granite offers, especially in kitchens. It can withstand high heat, scratches, and stains. This makes it easier to maintain. Just be sure to properly seal and regularly reseal it to keep it looking like new for decades.

Marble Countertops Potomac Falls

Marble is another popular choice, but for bathrooms. It’s excellent for holding up against the alkaline cleaners and products frequently used in restrooms. This too requires regular sealing to ensure the surface is durable and like new for years to come.

Marble is a timeless addition to many homes because of its longevity and continuous appeal. It seems marble countertops won’t ever go out of style.

Quartz Countertops Potomac Falls

Quartz is an engineered countertop material. It’s crafted with over 90% quartz and the rest is resin and pigments. Since it contains resin, there’s no need for it to be sealed. Unlike granite and marble, quartz isn’t porous. This makes it highly resistant to scratches, stains, and burns.

And it’s ideal for both kitchen and bathroom settings. If you’re looking for a versatile stone, then this is it. Quartz also comes in a wide range of color options for your choosing.

Need a Quartz and Granite Countertops Company in Potomac Falls

Ready to upgrade the countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms? Then it’s time to find a reputable countertop company. At Silver Marble Granite, you can find reputable contractors to assist with the fabrication and installation of your stone slabs.

We also have a showroom you can visit to see the stone countertops firsthand. Visit our site today or reach out to us to find out more about our stone products and services!

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March 27, 2018

It was such a pleasant experience working with Silver Marble & Granite. Tony was very professional, upfront, and personable during his visit to take measurements. We had a few tricky corners, and everything turned out beautifully! I loved how we could go out to the facility to pick . . .

Jennifer H.

June 5, 2018

We worked with Tony, and he was excellent. He went above and beyond to help us match granite for a new kitchen island. He was timely, professional and stayed in contact with us through the project. Price was far better than any other estimates we received, and they were able to install . . .

Gretchen L.

August 7, 2013

I called 7 counter top companies to get quotes.. these guys had the lowest quote.. Their work was AMAZING… The customer service was outstanding… they came when they said they were going to.. they did a great install and then when everything was finished they called the next day  . . . 

Jesse Vaughan

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