Silestone Quartz Counters to Consider

Homeowners and interior designers most frequently choose quartz countertops for new home designs and kitchen remodeling today over other countertop materials, including granite. This is quite amazing considering a few years ago people were turning their noses up at these manmade products.

However, if you check the catalogues of some of the quartz stone brands, it would be easy to see why this is the case. Quartz countertops come in a very wide range of beautiful and unusual designs and colors, much wider than occurs in nature, and they are available on demand. Its popularity is ultimately a matter of catering to personal preferences and convenience. It also helps that it is particularly suited for kitchen countertops because it is durable, scratch-resistant, and nonporous.

Among the most popular brands of quartz stone is Silestone by Cosentino, which regularly comes out with new models. However, some are particularly popular and attractive, which you might want to consider for your own kitchen.


Silestone Arctic

Engineered quartz countertops began life as granite and marble lookalikes. While many Silestone products no longer look like natural stones, the Arctic model is not one of them. Part of the Ocean line of products, the Arctic looks like light-colored granite that brings to mind the colors of the ocean. The Arctic is a bright and cheery stone, making it very attractive to homeowners, with light colored crystals and veins against a white background and pale veins like white granite.  

This type of granite is good at brightening up the room, and matches well with darker kitchen cabinets and floors. People also choose it for all-white kitchens and bathrooms. However, since white granite is relatively rare, availability is a problem. That is not the case with Silestone Arctic, which is available on demand.  


Silestone Calypso

Part of the Nebula Alpha line of Silestone products, the Silestone Calypso has a highly sophisticated and highly desirable appearance. With a deep gray background shot with feathery soft veins in a lighter color, it simulates the look of soapstone while avoiding its weaknesses. You might want to consider this model in suede or polished finish for bathroom vanity tops for a sleek, modern style. The suede version is good at hiding fingerprints, so choose this if you want to minimize maintenance.


Silestone Halley

The Silestone Halley model is a good choice for people wanting neutral colors for their kitchen or bathroom countertops. Primarily brown with widely dispersed streaks and clusters of gray, it has a subdued and comforting look typically associated with earth-toned granite. Because it is manmade, the gray colors are dispersing more consistently than granite, which makes it easy to achieve a seamless look for long kitchen countertops.


Silestone Helix

Marble is a desirable addition to any home for its looks, but most people associate it with high maintenance. While this is not true, critics might be more likely to take to the Silestone Helix model for the best of both worlds. The Silestone Helix is an excellent mimic of white marble with widely dispersed venation.


Silestone Lyra

Similar to the Silestone Helix, the Silestone Lyra looks a lot like natural marble, particularly Carrara marble. It has the distinctive color and venation of this Italian marble, though not as widely dispersed as the Silestone Helix has. It will not etch or scratch like true marble, but that is a bonus. The Silestone Lyra is also one of the first models to come out into the market, and still going strong today.


Silestone Pulsar

For granite lovers, the Silestone Pulsar model might pique their interest. It has a light colored base interspersed with consistent and subtle bursts of gray and mustard yellow veins. The wide spaces between these bursts of rather strong colors keep the stone from looking too busy and dominating the stone. It is a great option for people looking for greater variation in the look of their kitchen or bathroom countertops.


Silestone Zirix

The Silestone Stonium line of products simulates the look and function of granite for use in the kitchen and bathroom, The Silestone Zyrix is particularly strong in this area, mimicking the familiar look of the beige and brown granite with specks and streaks of blue and gray.  It is an attractive design suitable for any style of kitchen or bathroom.


The Silestone Zynite is also an excellent mimic of granite, but goes on a more spectacular path with its streaks of pale gray and gold over a base of brown. Under the right light condition, kitchen countertops made from this quartz stone gleams and glints with gold highlights.


Quartz countertops are currently top choice for kitchen countertops, and it is not difficult to understand. They are durable and beautiful, and satisfy the needs and wants of most people. However, not all quartz stone brands are of the same quality. You want to keep your choices to top brands such as Silestone to ensure your investment does not go down the drain, and you can only purchase them from authorized distributors. One of these is Silver Marble and Granite.

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