Beige kitchens – kitchen trends in beige


Colors are crucial for kitchen furnishings in order to feel really comfortable in them. The evergreens among kitchen colors include magnolia, sand, and beige tones. The cream-colored nuances give the kitchen a modern and homely ambiance. We introduce the color trend and present the most beautiful kitchens in cream, magnolia, and beige.

The color effect of beige

Beige and magnolia are shades of white with an admixture of brown. In contrast to pure white, the cream tones do not appear cold, but radiate a pleasant purity and coziness. Magnolia and cream are invigorating and warming colors and have a mentally stimulating effect. Due to the light brown content, they also radiate harmony and lightness. Beige tones appear open and light and are therefore ideal colors for kitchen design. Especially in a country kitchen, this color tone looks very natural and homely.

The spatial effect of beige

Shades of cream are particularly versatile, as they match almost any room concept. They can be used to design emphatically reduced and small rooms as well as elegant, spacious kitchens. Magnolia and cream add width and openness to a room, but at the same time have a calming effect because they are not as cold as pure white. In the room, the colors radiate warmth and give the facility a pleasant atmosphere. Since the colors are very restrained, they provide an excellent basis for further designing the room. Beige and magnolia tones work well in small spaces as they make them appear larger.

These colors go well with beige

The combination of different colors can make a kitchen interior individual and unique. Beige is a neutral color that offers a lot of opportunity for experimentation and combination. If the kitchen is designed in cream or magnolia, fresh accents can be set with other colors that have a decisive influence on the room climate.

Magnolia and cream can be combined with gray for a classic, simple and elegant kitchen. A light gray without green content should be used. Silver gray or signal gray are suitable, for example.

Those who prefer a natural style can combine beige with earth tones such as ochre, sand or even wood tones. In combination with cream colors, brown appears comfortable and homely. Dark blue looks elegant and royal and is a good contrast to cream and magnolia. However, it can make rooms look smaller and are therefore only suitable for large, spacious kitchens. Light blue and turquoise look fresh and light.

With a dominant color like red and black, beige is well suited to soften the intrusive effect. A cream-colored kitchen in front of a red wall is a real eye-catcher and the contrast between the two colors can unfold its full effect.

A girly and romantic kitchen is created when cabinets in magnolia and cream are combined with pink accents. If the kitchen is to radiate naturalness and liveliness, accents can be set in a fresh shade of green. In this way, a harmonious and relaxing kitchen oasis can be created.

These materials and finishes go well with beige

Magnolia and cream can be combined with different materials. Since the colors are very reserved, there are no limits to creativity in kitchen design.
Wood radiates warmth and naturalness and goes well with a beige kitchen. Striking accents can be set, especially with dark wood. Light wood, such as pine or beech, appears friendly and open, underscoring the effect of magnolia and cream. Wood is a good choice for the table and chairs and for the countertop.

Stainless steel and metal radiate elegance in combination with magnolia and cream. The materials appear cool, sterile and hygienic. Paired with magnolia and cream, this can provide a pleasing contrast, especially when the metals are used for eye-catching features such as handles. If you want the kitchen to look clean and modern, glass is a good choice. It gives the kitchen openness and transparency. A highlight in a kitchen with cream-colored fronts is a cupboard with glass doors or a table with a glass top.

The material marble is undoubtedly particularly noble and of high quality.

As a worktop or tabletop, it becomes an eye-catcher in the kitchen. Natural materials underline the naturalness of magnolia and cream. Rattan furniture in particular fits well in a cream-colored kitchen. Leather can be used for a modern effect.

Kitchens in cream and magnolia suit almost every furnishing style. Depending on which materials are used and which colors are added, there are completely different furnishing styles for the kitchen design.

In the traditional country house style, beige, with its friendly and homely appearance, is a popular color in the kitchen. Combined with pastel colors and playful patterns and natural materials, the result is a dreamy country kitchen full of nostalgia.

The Scandinavian style with its light colors also goes well with a kitchen in magnolia in cream. Beige-colored kitchen fronts, a worktop made of birch or pine, plus a homely wooden floor, and the Scandinavian kitchen is already set up.

The shabby chic style also works with light beige and cream tones and old pieces of furniture. Grandma’s old beige kitchen sideboard, where the paint has already flaked off in some places, fits perfectly into a shabby chic kitchen.

Classic kitchens in beige

Classic kitchens are modern and timeless and retain their cozy charm even after years. The classic colors magnolia, beige and cream are ideal for this, as they appear reserved, and durable but still cozy. Combined with wood tones, chic kitchen handles and homely furnishings, classic kitchens in beige are among the most popular kitchen styles. Be inspired by our kitchen suggestions:

Design kitchens in beige

In a design kitchen, style, functionality, and aesthetics come first. Design kitchens in magnolia and cream are very popular, but they appear less cool than fitted kitchens in pure white. This creates optical clarity and simplicity, but with the certain warmth of a feel-good ambiance.

Handleless kitchens in white

Handleless kitchens are unfussy and clear. There should be no optically disturbing handle elements. If a handleless kitchen is decorated in magnolia and cream, the impression of clarity and simplicity is underlined by the flat front design. The result is a real designer kitchen that looks classy and of high quality.

Country kitchens in beige

Country kitchens are cozy and romantic. Their nostalgic charm comes from colors in light beige and cream tones. The whole family feels safe here. A spacious kitchen island or a cozy dining table underline the feel-good atmosphere in a country kitchen in beige.

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